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Winnipeg Plastics & Tool Ltd. prides itself on providing the highest possible quality of products and services to satisfy customer needs and requirements.

About Winnipeg Plastics

Winnipeg Plastics and Tool was established in 1984 with the goal of becoming one of North America’s top manufacturer of custom injected molded parts in addition to providing expert mold making and machining capabilities.

Winnipeg Plastics and Tool Ltd manufactures plastic parts to a wide range of industries. Winnipeg Plastics and Tool Ltd also specializes in precision tool and die, jigs and fixtures, plastic injection molds and molding, EDM work, custom machining, CNC milling and turning. All mold making design and fabrication is done using the latest CAD/CAM software.

Our Services

Winnipeg Plastics & Tool Ltd. utilizes injection presses totaling up to 700 tons in capacity and with the use of robotics are able to produce parts in a timely and efficient manner. Injection molding is the process of forcing melted plastic into a mold cavity.

Our tool and die makers can work with your product designs to build your dies, molds, jigs, and fixtures utilizing the latest computer aided design programs and advanced machinery.

Winnipeg Plastics & Tool has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of Bulkhead Fittings for nearly 30 years. Bulkhead Fittings are used for all ‘koi’ water applications (plumbing tank, piping fixtures). They simplify the attachment of plumbing pieces and also help avoid stress and leaks with various water piping/tank fixtures. We offer sizes ranging from ½” to 4” fittings. We also manufacture and supply the gaskets with each fitting.

Serving the project needs of our clients for decades.

Winnipeg Plastics & Tool Provides a variety of custom machining services.

At Winnipeg Plastics & Tool, we rise to whatever challenge is put in front of us to serve your needs.

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{Great communication and responsive.
- Foremost Universal
{Winnipeg Plastics & Tool has GREAT people and GREAT product. Thank you for your services!
- Arrow Global Limited
{Excellent customer service. Requests are being dealt with immediately and in a timely manner. Totally no issues. And we thank you for making our job easy as well.
- CNH Industrial Canada LTD.
{Quality of the work and the understanding of the product and our expectations was top notch.
- Combine World